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How To Choose A Cat Water Fountain

Mar 28,2023 | petwant

How Cat Fountains Work

Cat fountains can be simple or elaborate, but they all work basically the same. You put water in a fountain, and it's filtered through a series of pipes, giving your cat the feeling that they're drinking fresh tap water.

The benefits of Cat Water fountains:

You may notice your cat is drawn to the sink when you wash your hands. They might drink water or stroke a stream with their paws. Either way, running water is fun for cats. Fountains may reduce mess around sinks because running water is limited to one area of the cat.

If you're concerned that your cat isn't drinking enough water, a fountain might be the answer. The sound of running water may entice your cat to drink more frequently, improving their overall health.

How to Choose the Right Cat Fountain

Make sure your fountain is approved for use around pets. More ornate fountains may not have the same safety features, putting your cat at risk of injury.

Know what you are looking for. Do you want something small, simple and easy to handle? Would you prefer a more elaborate fountain with settings and controls? Fountains vary by function, design and price range.

If your space is already tight, a smaller fountain might be better. If you have a lot of cats, a larger fountain may be needed.

Test the fountain first. All fountains will have some level of noise when they are running, but some fountains can be quite loud due to the pumping required to move the water. Here are some important things to check when testing your water cooler:

Does the mass change when the fountain is short of water?
Does it shut down occasionally or does it keep running?
Does it make a loud noise when the water level is low?
Is there a timer setting?
Do you think this design will harm your cat?
Does your cat have easy access to water?
Is the fountain easy to clean?

Training Your Cat to Use a Fountain

Take it easy. Your cat may be confused about this new device in your home at first. Don't take their old water bowl away right away. Instead, put the fountain outside and let your cat smell it when you bring it home. Then add water, but don't turn on the fountain yet. This gives your cat a chance to get used to their new fountain.

When you feel your cat is ready, turn on the fountain. They can be timid, but give them a moment. Allow your cat to approach the fountain on his own, rather than being forced to use it.