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Should I Feed My Cat Wet Food in the Morning or at Night?

Apr 12,2024 | petwant

Understanding Your Cat’s Energy Patterns

Cats have unique energy patterns, and their preferences can vary. Observing your cat’s behavior can help you decide when to offer wet food. Consider the following:

Morning Energy: Some cats are more active in the morning. If your feline friend is playful and hungry upon waking up, morning wet food might be a good choice.
Nighttime Activity: Other cats come alive at night. If your cat tends to be more active and hungry during the evening hours, consider serving wet food at night.

Advantages of Wet Food

Wet cat food has several benefits:
Palatability: Cats often find wet food more enticing due to its aroma and taste.
Variety: Wet food comes in various flavors and textures, including pates and stews.
Hydration: The high moisture content in wet food can benefit cats with certain medical conditions, such as urinary health issues.

Considerations for Wet Food

Before deciding, keep these points in mind:

Dental Health: Cats who eat exclusively wet food may accumulate plaque and tartar on their teeth more quickly. Regular dental care is essential.
Portion Control: It can be harder to accurately portion out wet food.
Perishability: Wet food spoils quickly, so proper storage and hygiene are crucial.
Cost: Wet food generally costs more per volume than dry food.

Blended Feeding

Consider a blended approach:

Morning: Serve dry food in the morning. Cats can graze on it throughout the day.
Evening: Offer wet food in the evening. Dispose of any leftovers before bedtime.


Q: Can I feed my cat wet food any time of day? 
A: Yes, you can. However, remember that canned food should not sit out for more than 30 minutes to an hour to prevent spoilage1.

Q: What if my cat dislikes cold wet food? 
A: Warm their meal on a microwave-safe plate for a few seconds before serving. Cats usually prefer it at room temperature.

Q: How do I handle leftover wet food? 
A: Toss any uneaten food after 20 to 30 minutes. Wash your cat’s dish thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth.

Remember, every cat is unique. Observe your pet’s behavior and adjust their feeding schedule accordingly. A combination of wet and dry food can provide the best of both worlds! 🐾