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Who we are?

Established in 2003, PETWANT pioneered the market with the first THREE-meal pet feeder. Headquartered in Shenzhen with a factory in Dongguan, we've expanded from a small trading team to a staff of hundreds over the past two decades.

At PETWANT, our mission is fueled by a commitment to understanding and meeting the genuine needs of pets, while also providing our partners with elegant, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions. With the support of our team of pet experts and dedicated R&D professionals, we strive to develop innovative products that enrich the bond between pets and their owners.

PETWANT's business scope encompasses a wide range of offerings, including our own-developed electronic items and outsourced non-electronic pet products. Our product line includes an array of essentials such as feeders, fountains, grooming tools, toys, and more, catering to the diverse needs of pet owners worldwide.

As we continue to grow and innovate, PETWANT remains committed to our core values and our mission of fostering love and connection between pets and their human companions. With each product we create, we strive to embody our guiding principle: "Love in the heart, smart in every moment." 

Petwant Story

Part1♥️The Birth Of Petwant

A dozen years ago, a young entrepreneur named Becky had always been passionate about animals, especially furry companions who bring joy and unconditional love to people's lives. One day, as she was juggling her busy schedule and worrying about mealtimes for her cat "QiQi," an idea hit her like lightning: She wanted to create a revolutionary pet feeder that would simplify and enhance The feeding experience of pets and their owners.

With a vision in mind and a passion that drove her forward, Becky set out on a mission to build a brand that would redefine pet feeding, and "Petwant" was born. Becky has devoted countless hours to researching and developing the most advanced and user-friendly pet feeders in all of China. Her goal is to provide a solution that not only ensures pets receive their meals on time, but also improves their overall health.

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Part2♥️Petwant Pet Feeder Is Designed With Innovation, Convenience And Health As The Core.

Petwant pet feeder is designed with innovation, convenience and health as the core. Becky incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as smart sensors and mobile connectivity into the feeder, which allows pet owners to remotely monitor and control their pet's feeding schedule through a user-friendly mobile app. Whether stuck in traffic, working late or on vacation, pet owners can rest assured that their beloved companion will never miss a meal.

Becky works with leading veterinarians and animal nutritionists to develop specialized feeding programs for individual pets' needs. The feeder dispenses precise portions of food, ensuring pets get the right amount of nutrition without overfeeding or underfeeding.

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Part3♥️Petwant's Eco-friendly,Sleek, Modern Design Blends Seamlessly With Any Home Decor.

To further enhance the pet feeding experience, the Petwant's eco-friendly,sleek, modern design blends seamlessly with any home decor. The feeders are made from eco-friendly materials with the well-being of pets and the planet in mind. With customizable settings and an intuitive interface, Petwant is a must-have tool for pet owners looking to provide the best for their furry friends.

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Part4♥️The Improvement And Expansion Of The Product By The Petwant R&D Team

The Petwant team continues to refine their product and expand their product range. They have introduced new features such as automatic portion control based on the pet's activity level, integrated cameras for real-time monitoring, and even personalized feeding recommendations based on the pet's specific dietary needs.

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Part5♥️The Impact And Contribution Of The Petwant Team To The Community

Petwant's commitment goes beyond pet feeding. Becky and her team actively support animal welfare organizations and shelters, donating a portion of profits to help pets in need. They organize adoption drives and educational events to promote responsible pet care and the importance of a balanced diet.

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petwant market
Part6♥️Petwant Has Become A Leading Brand In The Pet Feeder Industry And Is Loved By Pet Owners All Over The World.

As word of Petwant spread, pet owners flocked to the brand, eager to experience the convenience, reliability and peace of mind it provided. Petwant's logo is a close combination of the English words "Pet" and "Want", which means taking the real needs of pets as the core and becoming a symbol of trust and innovation in the pet industry.

Today, Petwant has become a leading brand in the pet feeder industry and is loved by pet owners all over the world. Becky's vision and dedication created a new standard in pet feeding, changing the way people care for their furry companions. Petwant walks into the life of pets with pet behavior experts, just like Petwant's mission "Love in the heart, smart in every moment".

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Strong Engineering Team

The engineering team symbolizes Petwant as it is the key department
to make sure our product is strong and trustworthy for consumers.
Review, testing and retesting are daily routines for the engineers.
They make sure the product tested for thousands of times before
it hits the market.

Cost-effective products & Services

Supported by our pet experts and R&D team,Petwant aims to figure out how to meet the real
needs of pets and how to provide our partners with elegant, sustainable,cost-effective products and services.
Our team of pet lovers is passionate about developing products that enhance the relationship between pets and their owners.