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10 Best Automatic Dog Feeders For 2023-Petwant

Aug 03,2023 | petwant

About Pet Feeder Introduction:

In the modern age of pet care, automatic dog feeders have become indispensable tools for pet owners seeking convenience and consistency in their furry friend's feeding routine. These innovative devices, ranging from high-tech auto dog bowls to interactive dog treat dispensers, offer a hands-free solution to ensure your canine companion receives nourishment on schedule. In this comprehensive guide, we present the 10 best automatic dog feeders for 2023, each carefully selected and reviewed to assist you in making an informed choice for your beloved pet's well-being.

What is the benefit of pet feeder?

Scheduled and Consistent Feeding:

Pet feeders can be programmed to dispense food at specific times, ensuring your pet receives consistent and timely meals. This is especially important for pets with strict feeding schedules or dietary requirements.

Portion Control:

Many pet feeders allow you to control the portion size of each meal. This helps prevent overfeeding or underfeeding, promoting a healthy weight for your pet. Portion control is particularly useful for pets prone to obesity or weight-related health issues.


Pet feeders are especially beneficial for busy pet owners who may not always be home to feed their pets on time. They ensure that your pet's feeding routine is maintained even when you're away for work, travel, or other commitments.

Reduced Anxiety:

For pets that experience anxiety or stress related to mealtime, an automatic feeder can help alleviate their concerns. The predictability of meal delivery can create a sense of security and routine.

Feeding Multiple Pets:

If you have multiple pets with different dietary needs or feeding schedules, a pet feeder can help manage their meals individually, preventing food theft and ensuring each pet gets the right amount of food.

Special Dietary Requirements:

Some pets have specific dietary needs or medical conditions that require them to eat at certain times or receive measured portions. Pet feeders can be programmed to cater to these requirements, making it easier to manage their health.

Prevention of Boredom:

Some pet feeders are designed with interactive features that dispense food in a playful manner, providing mental stimulation and preventing boredom, especially for pets that are home alone for extended periods.

Monitoring and Tracking:

Certain advanced pet feeders come with features such as smartphone apps that allow you to monitor your pet's feeding remotely. You can receive notifications when your pet is fed, ensuring they are being cared for properly.

Regularity and Routine:

Pets thrive on routine. A pet feeder can help establish and maintain a consistent daily schedule, which can contribute to better behavior and overall well-being.

Emergency Preparedness:

In case of unexpected delays or emergencies, an automatic pet feeder ensures your pet is still fed even if you're unable to be there in person.

It's important to note that while pet feeders offer many benefits, they may not be suitable for all pets, especially those with specific dietary needs, health conditions, or behavioral issues. It's a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before incorporating a pet feeder into your pet's routine.


Top Picks for Automatic Dog Feeders:

6 Meals Smart WIFI APP Remote Pet Feeder

Model Number F13-W
Material Food Grade ABS,HDPE
Capacity 1200ML(every tray slots 200ml)
Screen Dimension LED Screen(42*15mm)
Feeding Meals Six Meal
Product Features

1.Anti-jamming Design;

2.WIFI connection, APP side remote setting feeding time;

3.Built-in 1800mAh lithium battery, can last for 30 days without power;

4.Ice box design to keep food fresh for 24 hour;

5.12H & 24H Time Setting Optional;

6.All types of pet food available;

3L Smart WIFI Visible Auto Pet Dog Feeder

Model Number F14-W
Material Stainless steel ,ABS
Capacity 3L
Feeding Frequency 1~4 Meal/ day
Food Type 5mm-12mm Dry Food
Product Features 1.Visible food hooper,Accurately check surplus grain;
2.Prevents food from getting stuck/jammed;
3.Timing&Quantitation Feeding,
4.Precise Food Portion Control;
5.Dual Power Supply;
6.Customized 10s voice record;
7.Food outlet Sealed design,Protection against insects and ants;

3.5L Dog Self Treat Dispenser

Model Number F9L
Material Ceramic,ABS
Capacity 3.5L
Feeding Frequency 1~5Meal/ day
Food Type 5~15mm dry grain, freeze-dried grain
Power input DC5V/1A or 4*D alkaline dry batteries
Product Features 1. The grain bucket lock design prevents accidental touch by pets and children;
2. Precise control of food portion;
3. The food bucket has a visual window to observe the surplus food in real time;
4. Fully sealed design, effectively prevents insects and ants, and improves food freshness;
5. Dual power supply;
6. Food-grade ceramic bowls;
7. Support 10s recording;

4.5L Smart Camera APP Control Pet Feeder

Product No.
Feeding Settings
1-4 Meals, 1-10Portion,  8-10g per portion
Food Size
Up to 10s recording will be played once when feeding
Product Functions
1、One-piece mold,Smaller size with larger capacity (4.5L);
2、No screws food hopper design, easy to clean;
3、More accurate food dispense system;
4、Tripple Lock design to keep fresh
5、One-hand operation for better user experience;
5、Completely sealed design with desiccant box insde;
6、Dual power supply;
7、Real-time battery power display.

4L Smart WIFI Timed Pet Dog Food Dispenser

Model Number PF-130
Material ABS + stainless steel
Capacity 4L
Packing quantity 8pcs/carton
Power DC 5V Power adapter;3*alkaline D batteries
Recording 10 seconds
Product Functions 1. With drying box
2. SUS304 stainless steel physical tray is detachable
3.4 button operation, simple and convenient
4. Dual power supply, priority adapter power supply
5. Voice playback, 10 seconds recording
6. It can feed 6 meals a day, with a maximum of 40 servings per meal, about 7G per serving
7. Parameter memory
8. Suitable size 5MM-10MM grain
9. High-torque gearbox to prevent food from being stuck
10. Physical design, safe protection motor

3.5L Robot Automatic Dog Feeder

Model Number PF-121
Application dogs&cats&small animals
Material ABS plastic + stainless steel
Color White
Capacity 3.5L
Shape robot
Product Features

1.Timing&Quantitation Feeding ;

2.10 Seconds Voice Record ;

3.Stainless Steel Food Tray ;

4.Dual power supply ;

5.Easy to disasseble and clean ;

4.5L Smart WIFI Double Bowls Dog Cat Pet Feeder

Model Number PF-123D
Application dogs&cats
Material stainless steel
Capacity 4.5L
Feeding Frequency 4 Meal/ day
Food Type 5mm-12mm Dry Food
OEM/ODM Welcomed Accepted
Product Features 1. Transparent view window
2. SUS304 stainless steel food tray, removable
3. 12 button operation, clear and concise
4. dual power supply, priority adapter power supply
5. Voice playback, 10 seconds recording
6. 4 meals per day, each meal up to 20 portions, about 10g per portion
7 . Parameter memory
8. Suitable size 5mm-12mm grain
9. large torque reduction box, to eliminate the card grain
10. physical design, safety protection motor.


4.5L WIFI Smart Visible Pet Feeder

Product Number
Food-grade ABS
Food Appliance
5~15mm Dry Food
Pets Appliance
Cats&Small size dogs
DC 5V1A Adapter/3*D Size Batteries
Rated Voltage
Product Functions
1.APP Control     
2.Completely Sealed design  
3.Customized Feeding Plan  
4.Dual Power Supply             
5.Easy to Clean    

5.6L Stainless Steel Bowls Smart  WIFI Tuya Dog Feeder

Model Number PF-129/PF-129B/PF-129T
Application dogs&cats
Material ABS plastic + stainless steel
Capacity 5.6L
Product Features 1. With desiccant box;
2. SUS304 stainless steel food pan, detachable;
3. 6 button operation, simple and convenient;
4. Dual power supply, priority adapter power supply;
5. Voice playback, 10 seconds recording;
6. You can feed 4 meals a day, with a maximum of 12 servings per meal, each serving about 8g;
7. Parameter memory;
8. Suitable for grain size 5mm-12mm;
9. High torque reducer to prevent food jam;
10. Physical design to protect the motor safely.

3.5L Robot WIFI APP Auto 4 Meals Pet Dog Feeder

Model Number PF-125
Application dogs&cats&small animals
Material ABS plastic + stainless steel
Capacity 3.5L
Function 1. Transparent window
2. SUS304 stainless steel food pan, detachable
3. 12 key operations, clear and clear
4. Dual power supply, priority adapter power supply
5. Voice playback, 10 seconds recording
6. Can feed 4 meals a day, maximum 20 servings per meal, about 5g per serving
7. Parameter memory
8. Suitable for 5mm-12mm grain size
9. High-torque gearbox to prevent food from being stuck
10. Physical design, safe protection of the motor.

2.3L Automatic Pet Cage Mounted Dog Rabbit Food Dispenser

Model Number F4-LCD
Material ABS
Capacity 2.3L
Product Weight 1.4kg
Power Rating 5V 1A
Feeding Meals up to 4 meals
Applicable Food Types Dry food
Product Features 1.Blue Lightup LCD Clock & Display Provides Easily Adjustable Settings;
2.Hang on the cage for feeding pets;
3.Set Up to 4 meals per day, 1-20 portions per meal, each portion 12ml;    
4.Feeding programs won't be lost in case of power off   Current time can be saved;   
5.High-quality motor with self-protection.

Other styles of automatic feeders are recommended as follows:

Petwant PF-122 4.5L Visible Smart Pet Feeder
Petwant F6 Six Meals Automatic Pet Food Feeder

Why Choose an Automatic Dog Feeder?

Automated dog feeders offer a range of benefits for both pet owners and their furry companions. With programmable meal schedules, portion control, and even remote access via smartphone apps, these devices ensure that your dog's nutritional needs are met, promoting a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, interactive treat dispensers provide mental stimulation and entertainment, helping to curb boredom and separation anxiety.


In conclusion, investing in an automatic dog feeder or treat dispenser can significantly enhance your pet care regimen. From high-tech solutions like Petwant Auto Feeder to the interactive Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser, there's a wide variety of options to choose from based on your dog's specific needs and your lifestyle. Simplify feeding routines, monitor your pet's meals remotely, and ensure they receive treats even when you're away. Make 2023 the year of convenience and well-being for your furry friend with one of the top 10 automatic dog feeders listed above.

By catering to the growing demand for advanced pet care solutions, these automatic dog feeders provide an invaluable resource for modern pet owners. Discover the perfect fit for your dog and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loyal companion is well-fed and content, even in your absence.