Fish Feeder FF-01

            Product Features

            12 or 24 hour clock display
            Dispenses fish-pond food automatically
            Up to 4 user-programmable feeding daily
            Adjustable portion sizes
            1 to 99 day programmable feeding schedule
            Free-standing or base mountable
            18cups (4.25L) food hopper
            Durable ABS construction
            Runs on 4 C-cells batteries (Alkaline batteries) for 1 year
            Low power indicator

            Control Panel

            CLOCK –displays clock (current time)
            TIMER – switches between preset feeding times, made up to minutes
            VOLUME – sets the feeding volume/portion-size
            SET – enters SET mode, and confirms any feeding times you enter and advances to the next setting. Also used with VOLUME key to perform manual feedings
            START – starts the feeding schedule, confirms the clock and feeding-time settings
            DAY – sets the number of days to feed