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Why Does My Cat Pee on My Bed?


Author: Mary Yan

There may be assorted affidavit your cat urinates on your bed. If a cat urinates anywhere added than in his litterbox, the aboriginal footfall the buyer should yield is to accept a veterinarian do a concrete assay and accordant analytic tests, including urinalysis to be abiding he does not accept an basal medical problem. If he has a float infection, for example, your cat may accessory affliction or ache with the litterbox. The cat may afresh accept addition location. If the examination, urinalysis and added analytic tests are normal, afresh we charge to actuate why the cat is allotment the owner's bed.

Anxiety Is Generally the Culprit

Most generally if a applicant consults with me apropos her cat's inappropriate urination on her bed, I can usually analyze an anxiety-related issue. We try to analyze the stressors that are accidental to the cat's inappropriate behavior. Is there an affair accompanying to the litterbox, breadth of the box or substrate (type of litter) that is causing the cat to devious abroad from the appointed toileting area? Or are we ambidextrous with a amusing affair — either astriction in the accord with the buyer or with addition cat, ancestors affiliate or pet in the household?

First, we charge to appraise the altitude of the litterbox. How generally is the litterbox cleaned? A litterbox should be bankrupt at atomic already daily. (Think about how you feel if you go into the bath and anyone did not even afterwards application the toilet.) Accomplish abiding you are accouterment the a lot of ideal litter, box blazon and breadth for your cat's toileting area. While the ideal clutter may alter according to a cat's alone preferences, antecedent studies accept adumbrated that the majority of bodies adopt cautiously arena substrate, such as clumping adobe litter. Although manufacturers may accomplish ambrosial clutter to address to humans, some bodies may adopt unscented litter.

Look at the admeasurement of the litterbox — are you accouterment a ample abundant box? The accepted advocacy is one and a bisected times the breadth of the cat's physique (not including the tail). I consistently go with the beyond the bigger and generally accept my cat owners use artificial accumulator boxes instead of acceptable litterboxes. (Just abolish the lid and cut a baby aperture on the side.) Many bodies adopt a litterbox that does not accept a cover. Covers are generally advised to address to an owner's alternative to accumulate the capacity of the litterbox out of afterimage and contained. If the buyer is anxious with the cat throwing clutter out over the edges, she can acquirement baldheaded litterboxes with alpine abandon (unless she owns an older, arthritic cat that may accept added adversity aggressive over alpine sides). Though some bodies may accept a alternative for covered boxes, accumulate in apperception that, in the wild, bodies do not accept to annihilate in caves.

When I accomplish a appointment for an inappropriate urination problem, I usually acclaim alms two litterboxes placed ancillary by ancillary and afresh alteration one aspect, such as removing the lid or alteration to a altered blazon of clutter in the additional box. That way, we can actuate the cat's accurate preference. Usually, if a cat has seemed OK with a litterbox but afresh al of a sudden finds it intolerable, he was not absolutely blessed with the antecedent adjustment in the aboriginal place.

Where is the litterbox located? Is it in an breadth of top bottom traffic, breadth the cat may be abashed while eliminating? Is it amid absolutely a ambit from breadth he spends the majority of his time? If the box offers actual little aloofness or is too far abroad and the cat needs to accomplish a big accomplishment to get there, he may accept an alternating breadth for elimination. The aphorism is one litterbox per cat additional one, abnormally if your abode is ample or has assorted floors.

Finding Comfort on Your Comforter

Some bodies defecate on their owners' beds if the owners plan continued hours or travel. Sometimes the inappropriate episodes action either if an buyer is out of the abode or out of town, or the cat may delay until the buyer allotment home. It is a cat's way of communicating how black or fatigued he has been over your absence. Sometimes a cat may defecate on the ancillary of the bed of the getting with whom the cat has a conflict. I accept apparent this action if an buyer brings home a new accomplice or a housemate moves in and the cat is not anon accepting of the new getting in his life. Sometimes a move may be a agitator for urinating on the bed. These assorted scenarios may be demanding for the cat, and the cat may wish to amalgamate his own aroma with the owner's aroma on the bed. It is important to bethink that the cat is not getting 'spiteful' if this happens — it is artlessly that the intermingling of these odors may prove abating to the cat. Because it can be difficult to define absolutely what's causing the cat's anxiety, it's important to plan with a veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist to analyze the could cause and actuate the actual accomplish to advice antidote the situation.

Another action I sometimes apply is to accept the buyer admit a adapted play or amusement time on the bed in the breadth breadth the cat has urinated. The ambition actuality is to change the affiliation for the cat from a abeyant head or appearance breadth to a abode of fun and/or eating, because a lot of bodies about don't defecate breadth they eat.

While you are allocation the affair out, you can bind admission to the bed by befitting the bedchamber aperture closed, or try putting a litterbox in the bedchamber — although generally the behavior will abide even if a litterbox is nearby. Sometimes, this botheration can be calmly bound by accouterment the adapted or adopted toileting altitude to the cat to animate him to use the litterbox again, or by removing whatever the adorable bedding actual is from the bed. Added times, however, the botheration may be added complicated and charge added appraisal from a accomplished behavioral consultant. The important affair to accumulate in apperception as you accord with the bearings is that your cat is artlessly aggravating to acquaint you something, and it's up to you, with adapted help, to try to amount out what that is.

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