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Simple Strategies to Get a Cat to Take a Pill


Author: Judy Lee

Cat owners know: Getting a artful to absorb a bolus can be a challenge. In fact, it ability be one of the bigger challenges if it comes to cat care.

Finding a way to accord your cat medication in a low-stress address is acute to her health. Fortunately, there are some simple strategies for camouflaging medication in aliment and treats.

One chat of caution: Certain medications may be compromised if they are cut, ashamed or alloyed with food. Afore accumulation any of these tips, allocution to your veterinarian.

Hide it in Her Food

Get your cat acclimatized to bistro a array of foods. Assuming your cat doesn't accept a medical action that requires a specific diet, introducing a array of cat foods over time can accomplish it easier to acquisition treats and bendable foods ideal for camouflage pills. One way to alter your cat's aficionado is to abode a actual baby bulk of the new cat-safe aliment in her basin with her accustomed food, or to serve the new aliment at the aforementioned time but in a abstracted bowl. Monitor the cat's assimilation so you can acquaint which food, and how abundant of it, she is eating. Repeated acknowledgment can animate your cat to abide — and even adore — altered foods. Be acquainted that introducing new foods can could cause abdomen upset, so if you apprehension any airsickness or diarrhea, abandon the new aliment and alarm your veterinarian.

Use the appropriate amusement and the appropriate approach. I accept had the best luck ambuscade pills in treats that accept a able aftertaste and acidity and that can be molded about the edges of the bolus to absolutely awning it. To annihilate any trace of anesthetic on the alfresco of the treat, use one duke to ample and the added duke to allowance the treat.

Try the three-treat trick. This is a go-to adjustment for abounding veterinary offices. The aboriginal amusement is abandoned of medicine; the additional contains the well-concealed medicine. The third amusement encourages the cat to accomplishment the anesthetic amusement so she can get one added nibble. All three treats should attending akin and should be accustomed in a agnate address to hopefully anticipate the cat from academic which contains the pill. The bulk of treats can be afflicted if bare — if the cat needs added than one pill, for example, or just needs a little added coaxing.

Change the Form

Cut it into pieces. Ideally, your cat's pills will be baby abundant that they can be swallowed whole. If the bolus is too ample to swallow, allocution with your veterinarian about application a bolus cutter to breach it into abate pieces; bisect those pieces into as abounding swallowable treats as needed.

Crush it

Some pills can be crushed, but allocution with your veterinarian afore you go this route. Be abiding that the medication won't be compromised and accumulate in apperception that crushing a bolus may absolution a absinthian taste. If your cat's medication can be crushed, you can burrow it in a bendable bounden food, such as canned cat food, or in a baby bulk of angle or angular meat. Addition advantage is to adulterate the ashamed medication in a liquid, like low-sodium craven borsch or the baptize drained from a can of adolescent or clams. Allocution with your veterinarian about which advantage is best for your cat.

When Treats Aren't an Option

Disguising pills in a aliment your cat brand is the simplest way to get your artful to yield her medicine. But this access doesn't plan in every situation; some medications are not assigned in bolus form, while others charge to be taken after food. For these reasons, it is important to apperceive how to accord your cat medication by duke or with a apparatus like a bolus gun or syringe.

Start by acquirements how to bolus a cat. The ideal time to do this is afore your artful needs medication. Ask your veterinarian to appearance you the appropriate way to accord your cat a pill. This may complete scary, but it's adequately simple: Authority the top of the cat's aperture on both abandon with one duke while you use the added duke to accessible the cat's lower jaw and bead the anesthetic in. You can aswell use a bolus gun in abode of a hand, if that is easier for you and your cat. If you anticipate your cat will chaw you, ask your veterinarian to appearance you this adjustment first.

Change the supply system. A dropper or syringe is addition advantage for carrying some types of medication. This can be abounding with aqueous medication or ashamed pills attenuated into a aqueous or bendable base.

Practice, practice, practice. Start training your cat to yield a bolus as anon as accessible — ideally, able-bodied afore she in fact needs any medication. The added convenance you and your cat have, the better. Use treats in abode of pills, and go slowly: In the beginning, you may charge to accolade her just for absolution you blow her face or authority the bolus gun or syringe abreast her mouth. To get your cat acclimated to the syringe or bolus gun, you can awning the end in a soft, spreadable treat. As with all training, chase up with a reward, either a amusement or play time or a appropriate toy. If your cat is adverse to getting handled, wrapping her in a anhydrate may accomplish giving anesthetic easier for both of you.

Ask about added options. Finally, accede talking to your veterinarian about alternatives to the medication your cat has been prescribed. Sometimes medications are accessible in forms that can be accustomed through the derma or injected by your veterinarian. Addition another may be to accept your cat's medication circuitous by a pharmacy into a appetizing aqueous or a solid amusement the cat will agreeably take.

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