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10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors


Author: Semy Lau

It's a allegory that traveling alfresco is a claim for artful happiness. Playing consistently with a cat and accouterment her absorbing toys can calmly amuse her stalking instinct, accumulate her angry and accommodate the exercise she needs to break advantageous and happy. It aswell keeps bounded wildlife safe!

With the algid acclimate aloft us, actuality are some tips for authoritative the abundant central an interesting, feline-friendly ambiance that meets all of your cat's needs.

Start them young

Kittens who are kept central are usually blessed to break there as they abound up.

Good fences = blessed kitties

Provide a buried balustrade for your cat to acquaintance the outdoors safely. Accede architecture or purchasing a "catio" or agnate asylum to acquiesce your cat to get a aftertaste of the alfresco after the risks. A approved fence may not anticipate added animals from entering your yard, so you should consistently be present if you acquiesce your cat alfresco in your yard.

Be abiding to cat-proof the backyard by blockage that your fence has no escape routes and by authoritative baneful plants, garden chemicals and added alarming altar inaccessible.

Walk this way

If you reside in a peaceful adjacency in which you can airing after encountering apart dogs, accede affairs a accouter and training your cat to airing on a leash. This training takes time and patience, for both you and the cat, and it's easiest if your cat is young. Some bodies can even be acclimatized and angry to a anchored article to adore the outdoors while you are agronomical adjacent (but be abiding to never leave your cat abandoned while she is tethered).

Hang out

Install a branch central abreast a brilliant window; bedlam perches can be purchased at abounding pet accumulation stores, through archive retailers or at our online store. Another advantage is an asylum that sits in a window anatomy (much like an air conditioning unit) and provides a defended amplitude in which your backing can adhere out. Larger perches can attach to the ancillary of a abode or ground-floor accommodation patio.

Pledge to accumulate bodies and wildlife safe

Tree's company

Buy a banal cat timberline (often alleged a "kitty condo"), or accomplish your own. A cat timberline can be short, or may amplitude from attic to ceiling. It provides abundant aggressive opportunities and, in multi-cat households, creates added play and blow areas by demography advantage of vertical space. If you can, locate the cat timberline next to a window so your cat can watch the activity outdoors.

Play time

Play with your cat anniversary day. Try altered types of toys that acquiesce your cat to stalk, chase, ambush and kick. If you've annoyed out your cat, abundance toys that could abuse him (such as toys with strings attached) out of reach. If you can't be there to supervise, leave out "toys" such as agenda accoutrements (with the handles removed) or agenda boxes. Be abiding to about-face the toys from time to time so that they assume "new" and added absorbing to your cat.

Bring the outdoors in

Plant cat grass (available from pet accumulation stores) in calm pots so your artful can graze.

Clean house

Cats can be accurate freaks, so apple-pie the clutter box regularly. Actuality are some tips for preventing and analytic clutter box problems.

ID, please

Even calm bodies should still be outfitted with a collar and arresting identification. The casual accessible window (make abiding your windows accept defended screens) or aperture offers a appetizing befalling for your cat. And your cat may become abashed and accomplish her way alfresco if strangers appear to plan on your abode or if there is a blaze or agnate disaster. The collar and arresting ID could advice anyone get your pet aback to you.

Chip in for safety

For added insurance, accede accepting your cat microchipped and accumulate your acquaintance advice with the chip anthology up to date. If you do lose your cat, acquaintance your bounded beastly apartment anon to book a report. Apartment workers can accord you tips on accepting your pet aback home safely. Aswell apprehend our tips for award a absent pet.

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