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How much do you know about the Great Dane


Author: Emily Zhao

There's no agnosticism that the Great Dane is one of the bigger dog breeds. He stands about 28 to 32 inches or added at the accept and can counterbalance anywhere from 110 to 190 pounds. But don't let his admeasurement alarm you — this pup is about a affable behemothic with a big heart. Get to apperceive the Great Dane a little bigger and see if he ability be the appropriate dog for you.

They're about laid-back.

Typically calm, air-conditioned and collected, the Great Dane can be blessed administration the couch with you and watching TV. As for exercise, he can be agreeable with one 10- or 20-minute airing a day. In fact, his airy attributes can in fact accomplish him acceptable for accommodation active if he's been able-bodied accomplished and socialized.

They're usually acceptable with kids.

The Great Dane is about a acceptable dog for families — he tends to be admiring and can adore getting about children. He just needs to apprentice how to be affable about them and may be bigger ill-fitted for a ancestors with earlier kids. One acceptable beat of a wagging appendage could beating a toddler over.

They can be protective.

He may about be affable by nature, but the Great Dane can be careful of his ancestors if the bearings calls for it. That addiction can accomplish him a acceptable watchdog.

They appear in a array of colors.

The Great Dane's short, thick, bland covering can appear in brindle, fawn, blue, atramentous antic (white with atramentous patches) and crimson (black and white with a solid atramentous "blanket" over the body). While he does shed, he's usually simple to groom.

Though they ability adopt to relax, they're no strangers to work.

The Great Dane is a Working dog originally advised to coursing boar, and at the time, he was just as barbaric as his adversary. Later, he was about acclimated to bouncer estates.

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